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...a simple way to accept card payments Instantly via POS.

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About BranPos

BranPOS is a Point of Sales Terminal that enables small businesses accept card payments,grow their business with dynamic insight reporting tools, and access cash advance from lenders that are linked to BranPOS via APIs

Easy Setup

Minimal and easy Signup Process, Create your account online in less than 5 minutes

Instant Settlement

Funds are Instantly settled into merchant's account for every transaction that occurs on POS terminal. Why wait for T+1?

Loans for Business Expansion

Easily access loans from Individual and institutional Lenders on the Platform and make repayments easily as transactions occur on the POS, NO More Monthly Loan Repayments


  • Sales Report

  • Easy to Use

  • Quick process to get POS

  • Intuitive Merchant Dashboard

  • Insightful Business Tools

  • Instant Settlements

  • No Monthly/Hidden Fees

  • Instant Access to Lenders