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BranPOS is a Point of Sales Terminal that enables Mobile Money Agents Perform Cash Withdrawal / Cash Deposit, and access loans to grow their business.
BranPOS has Partnered with CBN Licensed PTSP( Issuers of POS Terminals in Nigeria) with the primary objective of accelerating financial inclusion in Nigeria.The initiative will create a platform for Nigeria’s owned financial services companies to grow and at the same time, create jobs for young Nigerians.
BranPOS is FINTECH Company made up of a dedicated team of Business and Tech passionate Individuals with over 20 years of combine experience. Since 2016 BranPOS has been granting loans to Individuals, Co-operatives and SMEs via its loan app - PayConnect. In the last 3 years the company operates with an MFB licence and has raised over $30,000 to develop tech solutions to assist businesses grow..
BranPOS can be use by Mobile Money Agents to perform CASH withdrawal and deposit; and to accept payment for purchase of goods and services
First, you must be a BranPOS Registered Agent. Click on the Signup Link to register
  • 1. Government Approve ID Card
  • 2. Utility Bill or Proof of Residence where Terminal will be used
  • 3. Show Proof that your Location can transact(Cash Withdrawal) over N100,000 in revenue daily
Yes you have to. Our focus is on agents that have been involved in agency banking,reside in high traffic area and in need of a terminal. Agent will be required to upload a Statement of Account or past transaction during the on-boarding process to show proof of past transaction.
Each Terminal Cost FREE. But You Pay For - N5000 for Preloaded Credit, N500 Activation Fee, N2500 Courier, N4500 Promotional Items; totaling N12,500
After Signup, kindly login to you dashboard and click on "Become an Agent".
Terminals are always very limited, its advisable you complete your registration and request for a terminal in good time
The Terminal is FREE.
Yes , you can make a request for refund before the POS Terminal is delivered to you. However we deduct 10% administrative Fee. If you have receive Branding Materials and a Physical Visitation has been conducted the fees will also be deducted as well, and the balance paid into your bank account provided during registration
Inasmuch as the Terminal is FREE. BranPos Agents are required to make payments to cover for Branding Materials, Logistics (Courier delivery), Administration ( Know Your Customer(KYC) Physical Visitation to Address here Terminal will be used)
*Access to loans for business expansion within 45days of Operation.(Minimum of N100,000 Daily Cash Withdrawal) * Technical Support
* Income from User Registration( Mobile Money Accounts)
* Network of BranPOS Users
* Instant Swap of faulty terminals
* Branding Materials
- Tshirts
- Note pads
- Caps
- Table Banners
-Window Banners
- Flyers
- Biros
We only Open Portal for Payment twice a month and its opened for only 48 hours. Registered members are informed via Email and SMS When the Portal is Opened.
It takes a total of 30days from Payment date to get your terminal. Below are timelines for POS delivery.
Week 1 - Receive Branding Materials to your Location
Week 2 - Access to Utility and Bills Payment Link on Dashboard to begin online transaction.
Week 3 - Physical visitation and verification of your location that terminal will be used.
Week 4 - POS Terminal Delivery to your location . Typically we give 30% of average monthly transaction as loan.
Your assigned Terminal will have to be profiled to the Bio-Data you provided and bank account/wallet in order for you to receive funds Instantly into your account as transaction occurs. This action is carried out by the Commercial banks/PTSP hence the 4 weeks period
Yes, BranPOS enables you to get funds instantly on into your bank account/wallet as transaction occur
We Charge b/w 0.5% for transactions above N20,000. N1,000 to N4,000 are charged at N30
N5,000 to N9,000 are charged at N50
N10,000 to N19,000 are charged at N80
Yes you can
A Super Agent is an Approved Merchant that can on-board other BranPOS Agents and earn a Commission
N2500 for every New Signup ( You only earn when a User has paid for his Terminal)
1 Super Agent per State
You can qualify a Loan 45 days after your terminal begins transaction at your location and accumulates N100,000 and Above daily in cash withdrawals
The amount of Loan you get depends on the volume of transaction that occur on the terminal. Typically we give 30% of average monthly transaction as loan.
Tenure of the loan is 30 -180 days
Yes, We are Opened from 10am to 2pm Daily ( Monday to Friday) excluding Public Holidays and National Holidays
You can call or email us. Kindly find our information on our contact page. Our Emails/Support Tickets are available 24hours while our Phone lines are opened from 10am to 2pm daily.( Monday to Friday) excluding Public Holidays and National Holidays.